The most specialized exclusive travel operator in Brazil, Selections stands out for creating unique and personalized journeys based on a meticulous understanding of travelers’ expectations. With a focus on authenticity and exclusivity, it connects dreams to destinations, ensuring unforgettable experiences on each trip.
With over 26 years of existence, SKIBrasil is a leader in crafting exceptional experiences for winter sports enthusiasts. Boasting a team of experts with profound knowledge in equipment, hotels, and the finest snow destinations, it stands out for its commitment to providing unique and customized ski trips tailored to each client. Ensuring unforgettable and distinctive journeys, SKIBrasil is dedicated to delivering unparalleled skiing adventures.
Based in the United States and with offices in Mexico and Portugal, SKIUSA is a travel operator, a Virtuoso member, specializing in providing personalized service and advice on winter destinations to global travel agents. We deliver to the international community the sum of our expertise in providing impeccable experiences for skiing in the best tracks and destinations worldwide.
The result of a pioneering initiative in the global market, TTWGroup’s host agency first brought together carefully selected travel agents and soon became a unique community in the travel industry through its innovative model. A physical space that prioritizes relationships, encourages the exchange of information, knowledge, and experiences, and maintains the identity and autonomy of each partner company.
Very Latin was created to meet the demands of international agents who want to go beyond the ordinary. With authenticity and security, it presents the natural and cultural beauty of Brazil and neighboring countries through a sustainable and innovative perspective, with unique curation.


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